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  • Jonty is great at what he does! He was also attentive and instantly made me feel at ease in front of the camera. Thank you for the amazing pictures you captured.

    Haida Ismail
    Account Manager
  • Passionate, creative and dedicated. An outstanding professional. Jonty photography also sets a new benchmark for photography studio services in Singapore. Totally exceeded my expectations in terms of delivery as well as image capture. Highly recommended.

    Colin Chamberlain
    Singapore Quizmaster
  • Jonty worked with us on several Architectural photo shoots in Singapore as well as around the region. His talent captured our facade lighting projects perfectly. He also gave great advice and his vision gave us flawless results every time. Simply a pleasure to work with. All in all, Jonty is a professional in every sense.

    Peter C Schott
    Creative Director

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