Portrait Masters

Portrait Masters

This is a collection of some of our recent Portrait Masters Blog posts. These articles are part of a series of personal challenges. Each one aimed at recreating the lighting and photography styles of some of the Masters of Photography. Portrait photography is just one of the services provided at our Singapore photo studio. Feel free to browse these posts and Contact Us if you have any questions or need any further information.

Our other Blog post categories also include Top Tips, Latest Updates and In The News. We update these pages from time to time. Please check back in order to view our latest posts.

Kid Circus Portrait
Ok, so 2020 was a strange one. Time to dust off the gear and fire up another Masters of Photography portrait challenge. As with all of these challenges, the goal is to emulate the style of the artist in question. On this occasion, it was DJ turned portrait/fashion photographer, Kid Circus. “Maybe deep down I...
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David Bailey Portrait
Following back-to-back winning entries in both the Art Streiber (June) and Peggy Sirota (July) portrait challenges, I was certainly riding on the crest of a wave. As I’m originally from the UK, the David Bailey Portrait Challenge for August was centred on a photographer who’s work I was more familiar with. This was going to...
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Peggy Sirota Portrait
Time for another study in our Masters of Photography portrait series. Following successful entries in both the Elsa Dorfman (April) and Art Streiber (June) portrait challenges, there was a lot of self-imposed pressure to continue to think outside the box. The Peggy Sirota Portrait Challenge for July was most definitely just that. “We don’t stop...
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Elsa Dorfman Portrait
Following on from the previous Art Streiber Portrait Challenge, this is actually a throwback to a submission for the Elsa Dorfman Portrait Challenge back in April 2019. This is another personal study in our Masters of Photography series. This particular challenge was aimed at the unique style of Elsa Dorfman. “The world always seems brighter...
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Art Streiber Portrait
Each month we set ourselves a personal creative challenge at our Singapore photo studio. The aim is to study the lighting styles and photography techniques of different Masters of Photography. The end goal is to recreate an image or to emulate their style. This challenge allows us to constantly broaden our technical knowledge as well...
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